UAE and Bancroft Meetings in Bosaso Lead to Confusion And Distrust About Future
PMPF Training Base in Bosaso
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PMPF Training Base in Bosaso

On the day before Eid, a delegation from the United Arab Emirates and security contractor Bancroft Global completed their third meeting on the future of the land-based anti-piracy force called the Puntland Marine Police Force. Although any visit by the UAE would normally be considered a VIP event in Puntland, attendees describe the meeting as tense. The son of President Mohamad Farole even went as far as to... More

Last Major Stronghold of al Shabaab Falls To "Operation Sledge Hammer"
Kismayo Port
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Kismayo Port

Kenya has finally made it to Kismayo. Feeling confident enough to enter the long suffering port city of 150,000 people with the invasion force, Spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna credited an air, land and sea operation called "Operation Sledgehammer" for the success of the invasion.

Oguna said this was the first time any such attack has been carried out by an African Army. What the media spokesman lacks in history knowledge he makes for in enthusiasm. South Africa, North Africa and even Mogadishu have been the scene of numerous amphibious and air assaults executed or accompanied by African troops. His excitement may be more due to the lack (so far) of any major disaster. It's not easy moving untested troops by small boat into a hostile region at night.

Somehow the Kenyans managed to coordinate air strikes by aging... More

Australian Report Examines Industry and Government Entry into Maritime Security

Piracy studies tend to be heavy on the "need for regulation" side and light on the "fix piracy" side. One area where undisputed success has been shown has generated few studies. The use of armed guards aboard... More

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (57) is the chairman of the predominately Hawiye clan dominated, Peace and Development Party (PDP).

In what is described as the first Presidential election in over forty years, the former academic and university head Mohamud was given 190 votes out of the 269 votes cast. As a sign of the times, former President Sharif...

MV Orna

Somali pirates holding the MV Orna, hijacked on December 20th, 2010, have told Somalia Report that they have killed a Syrian and wounded another to force payment of the ransom. Pirates have often threatened to kill crew members and a number of crew members have died while in captivity but this is the first time since 2007 that a murder has been used as...

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Merka (Marka, Merkah)

The liberation of Merka by foreign paid, trained and supported troops was inevitable. Proxy forces now numbering over 17,000 hired guns and militias like the Ras Kamboni, rehatted forces like the Kenyan Defence Force, religious and ethnic groups like ASWJ and even U.S intelligence providers are providing overwhelming force albeit in cautious steps....


In the past week, Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was officially no more; the cabinet ministers are acting on a caretaker basis, most of the new parliament members were sworn in, and a date was set for elections of the parliament speaker, after which the presidential elections will take place.

Despite everything not going according...

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Somalia News Highlights: UN Chief Seriously Concerned Over Delays in Selection of New Parliament; Battle for Key Somali Port Appears ‘Imminent’, UN; Crash Sets Back Bid to Topple Somali Militants; High-ranking Somali Pirate Negotiator Receives 12 Life Sentences; Navy Frees Somalis Held by Pirates; Somali Journalist Group Condemns Reporter...
FGS Sachsen, part of EU NAVFOR’s Operation Atalanta

This week’s quick statistics:

Number of merchant ships held by Somali pirates: 8
Number of hostages held by Somali pirates on land: 28
Number of hostages held by Somali pirates on vessels:...

Somalia News Highlights: Somali Leaders Strike Unity Deal As Election Draws Closer; As Somali Election Nears, Candidates Accused of Corruption; Somali Government 'Must End Assassinations'; Three Ugandan Military Helicopters Missing in Somalia; Two Pre-Teen Pirates Sent Back to Somalia After Trial; UN Decries Death of Two Journalists in Somalia; Somali...
As part of our on-going series, "What Is...", Somalia Report examines Galkayo (Galka'ayo), a violence-ridden city in central Somalia. In today's Part One, we review the background, security, and infrastructure. In Part Two, we will investigate the effects of piracy and al-Shabaab in the city.


Galkayo, one of the largest and oldest...

Kenyan F-5 fighter

At 6:40pm Saturday evening, air and sea based strikes hit the port city of Kismayo, a stronghold of the al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia's Lower Juba region, killing three civilians. Residents believe the strikes were carried out by Kenyan naval and air forces which are preparing to seize the city from the Islamic militants with the help of forces...

Somalia News Highlights: UN Envoy Hails Presidential Decree, Security Council Welcomes Political Progress; President Sharif Proclaims New Districts As Election Nears; Meles Absence Fuels Regional Anxieties; US Terror Drone Kills 5 People in Southern Somalia; Al-Shabaab Suspect Arrested in the Dadaab Camp; African Union Pledges Continuing Support for...
Al-Shabaab Fighters (File Photo)

The al-Shabaab Islamic group battling for control of Somalia are notorious for their implementation of strict Islamic sharia rule in areas under their control and harassment of local residents. As they lose more territory to the allied forces of Somalia and the African Union peacekeeping force (AMISOM), the militia has rapidly resorted to common...

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Somalia News Highlights: Somali Local Officials Struggle to Fill Void; Somalia Rising After Two Decades of Civil War and Unrest; Somali Constitution Makes Big Promises to Children; African Union to Boost Security During Elections; Somali Police Commissioner Welcomes the First AMISOM Formed Police Unit; Kenya Jails Seven Somalis to 20 Years for Piracy;...