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July Casualty Report
At Least 99 Killed

Somalia Report has compiled the following non-comprehensive estimate of casualties from medics, local residents and media reports.


Killed: 99

Running total (since beginning of March)

Killed: 1145



63 killed

A landmine killed at least five insurgents in northern neighborhood of Daynile.

At least three soldiers, including senior presidential guard members, are killed as presidential security guards clash with forces loyalty to the parliament speaker in Villa Somalia.

At least 54 people, mainly fighters, killed and scores others injured in clashes erupted in northern parts of Mogadishu in two days (an American military expert, 10 civilians, Four AU soldiers, 11 Somali soldiers and 28 Al-Shabaab fighters).

Unknown gunmen shot dead a lawmaker serving in transitional federal parliament outside Marwaaz mosque in Hamar Weyne.

South and central

35 killed


At least 11 al-Shabaab soldiers killed.


An American national who helped Al-Shabaab militants in explosives, named Ali Amriki, and three others killed in US drone attacks in towns of Dhobley and Afmadow, near port city of Kismayo.


The beheaded bodies of three teenagers believed to have been killed by al-Shabaab were found in the central town of Afgoye.


Five al-Shabaab officials killed in between War-holo and Wabho village near El-bur of Galgudud.


12 killed in battles


1 killed

Unknown gunmen shot dead a member of Puntland’s intelligence forces in Garowe