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Somalia Number One Again
"Most Corrupt" According to Transparency International
Most Corrupt 2011
Transparency International
Most Corrupt 2011

Transparency International (TI) has released its 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index which "measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 183 countries and territories". Besting North Korea, Myanmar, and Afghanistan, Somalia also has the unfortunate problem of not actually having a permanent government.

New Zealand was rated "10" and is considered "highly clean" while Somalia scored an impressive "1".

Transparency International only uses a gaggle of organizations (none of them using data from inside Somalia) and only 3 out of a possible 13 reports were used in the study. TI, a Berlin based NGO, has created a much distributed annual report that does little to actually solve the problem, but does make corruption and bribery a media topic.

Somalia, despite the lack of any formal data collection system or government, manages to walk away with top honors in a list of Number Ones:

Most at Risk From Terrorist Attack - Maplecroft Terrorism Risk Index

Most Dangerous Place For Women - Trust Law

Worlds' Worst Humanitarian Disaster - UNHCR

#1 Failed State Index- Fund for Peace

Somalia has come in second place for in the Most Dangerous Place For Journalists category and some organizations admit they don't have enough data to formulate such hyperbolic kudos. For example the UN's Human Development Index simply skips Somalia and other regions.