Weekly Security Roundup
By AAH 06/08/2012
TFG Forces (File Photo)
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TFG Forces (File Photo)

Insecurity across different regions of Somalia this week resulted in the deaths of at least 44 people and 65 others were injured. The incidents ranged from the killing of a traditional elder in Hiiraan to a young teenage boy who was shot and killed in Afgoye to the murder of civilians in central Somalia. Troops from the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) opened fire and killed a civilian in south-western Somalia. Puntland Marine Forces attacked a pirate base in Balli-Dhidin and ASWJ claimed victory over al-Shabaab and killed more than 10 fighters. The incidents occurred mainly in the regions of Bari, Banadir, Bay, Galgadud, Gedo, Hiraan, Lower Jubba, Lower Shabelle and Mudug.

Total Casualties for the week of June 2 - June 8, 2012

Total Deaths: 44

Total Injured: 65

Total Casualties: 109

Weekly Casualties
@Somalia Report
Weekly Casualties

BAY: Gunmen Hurled Grenades in Baidao

June 02, Baidao – Unknown gunmen attacked TFG forces in Baidao, the provincial headquarters of Bay Region. The perpetrators hurled a grenade at the government forces in Isha Baidao near the monument of the late speaker of the Parliament Abdalla Derow Isak according to residents and government officials. One of the culprits was killed while two of them were arrested.

GEDO: ENDF Killed Civilians in South-Western Somalia

June 02, Luuq – Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) in Gedo region of south-western Somalia shot and killed two civilians and injured 10 others between Yurkud and Bardaalle villages of Luuq district according to locals and government officials in Gedo region. The casualties came after ENDF opened fire on a civilian shuttle travelling between Yurkud and Bardalle; the forces claimed they mistook it for an al-Shabaab vehicle. The injured civilians were admitted to local hospitals in Luuq district.

GALGADUUD: Fighting in Central Somalia Left 10 Dead

June 02, Darabow – 10 people were killed and more than eight others were injured from both rival groups of ASWJ and al-Shabaab fighters when deadly fighting broke out between the two groups at Darabow, 20kms east El-bur district in Galgaduud region.

LOWER-SHABELLE: TFG Soldiers Clashed in Afgooye

June 02, Afgoye – Three soldiers were killed and five others were critically injured after two groups of the Somali National Forces engaged in an armed clash over the control of a checkpoint at Bar Ismail in Afgoye district of Lower-Shabelle region witnesses said. The fighting lasted nearly 40 minutes according to Aweys Abdalla, a bus driver in Afgoye who spoke to Somalia Report. Most of the injured soldiers were admitted into local hospitals of Mogadishu.

BAY: TFG Forces Shot and Killed Suspect in Baidao

June 02, Baidao – Soldiers from the TFG shot and killed a suspect in Baidao, the provincial headquarters of Bay region on Saturday night according to locals and government officials. The victim was killed in Isha Baidao village and he was armed with hand grenades and a pistol.

HIRAAN: Fighting in TFG Forces Left One Dead

June 03, Beledweyne – Soldiers from the TFG has clashed in Beledweyne and caused one person was killed while another one was injured. The two TFG groups exchanged light gunfire an internal dispute between the two sides. The motive of armed conflict is still unknown.

BANAADIR: Three Civilians Injured in Mogadishu

June 03, Mogadishu – Three civilians were injured after the African Union forces of AMISOM opened fire on a livestock market at Heliwaa district in the restive capital of Mogadishu according to locals and government officials. The casualties came after an RCIED targeted an AMISOM convoy travelling between Maslah military camp and Ceel-mareer area. The device exploded immediately after the convoy had passed the scene.

BAY: Al-Shabaab Attacked TFG Forces

June 3, Qansah-Dhere – Fighters from al-Shabaab attacked a TFG base in the southern outskirts of Qansah-dhere district of Bay region, two of the rival groups were injured according to TFG commanders in Bay region. Both sides exchanged brief gunfire although the al-Shabaab militants fled from the scene.

MUDUG: Gunmen Ambushed Civilians in Central Somalia

June 3, Galkayo – Four civilians were killed and three others were injured when their vehicle was ambushed by militiamen near Dusmada on the road between Galkayo and Garowe some 20kms north of Galkayo. The injured people were admitted into local clinics in Galkayo city, although the motive of the attack is yet unknown. The casualties included a father and his son who died at the scene.

GALGADUUD: ASWJ Claims to have Killed Al-Shabaab Fighters

June 4, Dhusamareeb – The local administration of the moderate Islamist group ASWJ claimed they killed seven al-Shabaab fighters and also injured 20 others in fierce battles in central Somalia. The executive committee chairman of ASWJ Sheikh Mohamed Yussuf Hefow told the local media the fighting has occurred near El-bur district of Galgaduud region, but there are no independent sources to confirm this issue.

BARI: Suspected Murderer Shot and Killed in Northeastern Somalia

June 4, – Gardo: A suspected gunman was shot and killed by another man in Gardo district of Bari region. It is believed that the killing is a part of revenge killings among the two clans living in Gardo city. The perpetrator managed to escape.

LOWER-SHABELLE: Deadly Clash of TFG Forces Left Four Dead

June 5, At least four TFG soldiers were killed and five others were injured in an armed clash between the government forces based in Afgoye of Lower-Jubba region. The battle occurred on Wednesday night although the motive of the fighting is unknown. Some of the injured soldiers were admitted in local hospitals in Mogadishu.

HIRAAN: Gunmen Murdered Local Elder in Central Somalia

June 6, Beledweyn – Unknown gunmen shot and killed a local traditional elder in central Somalia on Wednesday. The victim, Abdi Hared Hilowle, was killed by armed men with pistols in Hawl-wadaag village in Beledweyn city of Hiraan region. The security forces reached the scene, but the culprits managed to escape.

GALGADUUD: Explosion in Central Somalia Killed One and Injured Three

June 6, Wabxo – One civilian was killed and three others were injured in an explosion in central Somalia on Wednesday night according to locals and ASWJ officials in central Somalia. The explosion occurred in a local restaurant at Wabxo village of Galgaduud region, although who was behind the attack is not clear yet.

HIRAAN: Grenade Attack in Beledweyne Left One Injured

June 6, Beledweyne – One person was injured in a hand grenade attack in central Somalia on Wednesday night. The attack occurred in Beledweyne of Hiraan region and the grenade was hurled the house of the deputy chairman of the region, Adawe Elmi.

BAY: Two Civilians Dead in a Grenade Attack

June 7, Baidao – Two civilians were killed in a grenade attack on a local money exchange market in Baidao according to locals and government officials in the city. The grenade was hurled by unknown perpetrators who managed to escape from the scene. The government forces reached the scene and started security operations.

BARI: Puntland Marine Forces Attacked Pirate Base

June 7, Balli-dhidin – The Puntland Marine Police Force (PMPF) attacked covered pirate vehicles in Balli-Dhidin village of Qandala district of Puntland's Bari region. According to the mayor of the village, Bari Jama Mohamed Kuurshe, the attack caused one casualty among the pirates and destroyed three trucks with heavy machine guns mounted on the back.

LOWER-JUBBA: KDF Air Strikes Left Three Pastoralists Injured

June 7, Bullo-Haji – At least three civilians were seriously injured in Kenyan air-strikes in Lower-Jubba region of southern Somalia on Thursday according to locals. Medical officials in Kismayo General Hospital who spoke to Somalia Report confirmed the casualties of three pastoralists who were injured in Saddex-lugood, Santaaro and Bulla-Haji villages between Badhadhe and Kismaayo districts. The Kenyan Defence Forces and TFG soldiers did not speak about the air-strikes.

LOWER-SHABELLE: TFG Forces Shot and Killed a Teenager in Afgoye

June 7, Afgoye – Soldiers from the TFG based in Afgoye district of Lower-Shabelle region shot and killed a young teenage boy on Thursday night according to witnesses and residents in the city. Most of the locals in the district have grieved the incident, and are concerned about the latest insecurity in the district. Anwar Mursal Abdullahi, a businessman in Afgoye district, told Somalia Report that the TFG forces have engaged mobbing, killing and even raping the locals in the city.

GEDO: TFG and ENDF Forces Battle Against Al-Shabaab

June 8, Garbaharey – At least five people were killed and three others were injured after heavy fighting among the Ethiopian National Defence Forces and TFG soldiers against al-Shabaab fighters on the outskirts of Garbaharey, the provincial headquarters of Gedo region according to locals and government officials. TFG commanders in Garbaharey claimed that they killed more than three fighters in the battle.

BANAADIR: Gunmen Shot and Injured Radio Journalist in Mogadishu

June 8, Mogadishu – Unknown gunmen armed with pistols shot and injured a radio journalist in Mogadishu on Friday evening. The victim was injured in Hamar-jajab district of the restive capital of Mogadishu. The perpetrators shot six bullets at Mohamed Sharif, a Radio Bar-Kulan correspondent in Mogadishu. During the attack, the journalist was heading to his house in Waberi district, according to locals in Mogadishu. The journalist suffered injuries in the stomach and was admitted in Madina Hospital to get health facilities.

(Editor's Note: The TFG, AMISOM, KDF, ENDF, ASWJ, various militias, al-Shabaab and other forces fighting in the country often report conflicting casualty numbers. Somalia Report assembles these weekly incidents from a variety of sources and numbers may vary.)