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Casualty Report - March
Estimated 529 Killed Since Beginning March

Somalia Report has compiled the following non-comprehensive estimate of casualties in Somalia since the beginning of March from medics, local residents and media reports:

Total killed: 529

Total injured: 512


(350 dead, 450 injured in shelling and fighting)

A medical worker in Mogadishu said many of the casualties in the city came from shelling into residential areas. Daynile Hosptial admitted 102 people suffering from blast injuries between March 27 and April 6, 78 of them women and children under the age of 12.

Mustafa Aden said: "The numbers of injured women and children that we received in just four days ago is not 'collateral damage,' it's a total lack of regard for the safety of civilians."

"The crisis in the war-torn city is extremely complex, and all groups are to blame for the high numbers of deaths and injuries. Indiscriminate shelling into densely populated areas is totally unacceptable.”

“Everyday, Mogadishu’s hospitals receive 15 people, mostly civilians, who were injured by clashes, what about other parts of the country? So they (fighters) must respect and obey international humanitarian law, and spare the civilian population.”


(179 killed, 62 injured – note that injuries are less reported with fewer medical facilities)

Beled Hawo

28 killed and 16 injured in fighting and a landmine explosion. Casualties both civilian and TFG.

Luq district

44 killed, mainly fighters, and 46 injured


54 people killed, mainly fighters - but some civilians died after a shell landed on a house


33, mainly fighters, killed in battle for town.


20 killed, including Kenyan police, in battle with militants